The privacy policy is enforced to clarify what information we collect, why we do it, how we manage it.


Information BDLAWASK collect

BDLAWASK collect your device, your browser name, location to provide you our better improvement of the site.


Why we collect data

The data we collect is to provide effective services. Analyzing data sheets we try to improve content quality, appearance, flexibility etc.


Your privacy control

You can control all settings of your data. You have full control to provide your data to others. So we don’t interfere on your control.


Sharing your information

You can share your information having control in your hand. If you want to keep secret your identity during visiting site, you can.


Keeping your information secure

We have data protection policy also. We don’t share your data with anyone without your consent. We can share your opinion keeping secret your identification.


Exporting and deleting your information

You can export your all data and delete at once when you wish to do that.


Retaining your information

We preserve your data for a certain period of time. After elapse of that period, data will be deleted automatically.


About this policy

We can review our policy but we don’t reduce your right. This policy will be applicable to all visitors including involved with our site.